Issues in Hospital-based Practice

The 2020-2021 Webinar Series

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"Issues in Hospital-based Practice" is the webinar presentation series I have worked to get off the ground for the past several years.

"Issues in Hospital-based Practice" is a webinar presentation series we did not get support and funding for 2020. We are trying again for 2021. If we can garner enough support for this series, we will be able to continue it in 2021. So, if you love this idea, please encourage others to sign up and support this resource. The webinar series is one of the most expensive in outgoing-costs of the resources we have created at the Hospital Handbook Project so far.

The hope is to have a combination of support from those buying this course along with organizations who sponsor an episode or choose an option for "sponsor the series" (silver, gold, platinum level options).

The community has identified a need for this as an ongoing series this year and in future years. So my hope is to get this off the ground this year. And, I can do that with your help.

What The "Issues in Hospital Based Practice" Aims to Be

These are zoom-based interview and webinar sessions with hospital-based acupuncturist colleagues where we discuss and present on identified issues in the hospital-based practice community, with a focus on the acupuncturist community. However, as you can see in our current issues list, these issues are common for most providers in the hospital-based integrative health community.

With your support and the support of organizational sponsors, we can begin recording and video editing this series in 2021.

Current issues we covered in 2020 and earlier that are "bonus" access available for those who support this resource now and into 2021:

  • Synopsis of the Community discussions on Pandemic Prep & Response, spring 2020
  • Telehealth Roundtable Event for Hospital-based Acupuncture Programs: Issues, Innovations, and Discussion, June 2020
  • Interview with Dr. Annie Budhathoki on her oncology acupuncture work at Huntsman Cancer Institute
  • Webinar with Dr. Timothy Suh on hospital contracting and inpatient billing

Current issues we may be able to cover in 2021 and into 2022 when this webinar series receives enough funding to get off the ground

  • Reimbursement Issues in Hospital-Based Practice
  • The Current Models of Reimbursement and Valuation: RVU/patient load vs. “Value-based” vs. Hybrid
  • The Electronic Health Record (EHR)
  • Workplace Safety and Resources
  • Models of Care and Collaboration
  • Clinical Research
  • Documentation: Charting, Coding
  • Professional Practice: The Peer Record Review Process and The Joint Commission Standards
  • more, dependent on sponsorship, time, and resource availability

We will cover as many of these topics in 2021 as I have resources to do so.

The webinar series is organized as a monthly presentation, with potential for10 recorded (with video editing) presentations in a year, with full funding early in the year. Each session will also have a companion pdf "quick notes" created.

If successful this year, we hope to continue this series into future years. 🎆

You can help get this resource going for 2021 by

1. purchasing access to this course.

2. encouraging your colleagues to purchase this course

3. encouraging your organization or your favorite hospital, school, or philanthropic organization to sponsor this work

Thank you!

Megan Kingsley Gale, MSAOM

Founder and Facilitator of the Hospital Handbook Project for Acupuncturists and Their Hospital Sponsors, a community project


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Your Instructor

Megan Kingsley Gale
Megan Kingsley Gale

Megan is an Integrative Medicine Practitioner, East Asian Medicine specialty. She is nationally board certified Diplomate of Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM) and graduated from Bastyr University in 2006 with a Master of Science in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.

She is founder and facilitator of the Hospital-based Practice Handbook Project for East Asian Medicine Practitioners (Acupuncturists) and their Hospital Sponsors.

Her website is:

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Telehealth Roundtable Resource Module for June 20th, 2020, event
Resource module for the Telehealth Roundtable on Hospital-based Acupuncture Programs, June 20th, 2020
Megan Kingsley Gale
The Hospital Practice Handbook Project Interview Series: Paths to Practice
Focus on Dr. Annie Budhathoki
Megan Kingsley Gale
HHP Community News and Updates
Megan Kingsley Gale

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